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Who doesn’t wish to look like a DIVA? Well, we guess everyone does. But not many know what it takes to be one? Not all of us are blessed with the inbuilt quality of choosing things, costumes, etc. that would not just make us look like a princess but also will make us feel comfortable and pretty from within. But yes there is always a scope for learning.

Getting trendy is not just about splurging hefty amount of money on a dress that you saw a luminary wearing on TV on some Gala event. Being stylish and trendy is something more than that.

One cannot ignore the fact that not every outfit suits everyone. People often complain that a particular cloth does not suit their body, it is because of the ignorance towards their body type.

Generally, there are four main categories of body type and shape:

Pear Shaped:

If you fall into this category you have more volume in your lower body as compared to your upper body.
Beauties with such body shape need to invest in cloths that define your waist line highlighting your upper body giving you a balanced look.

Apple Shaped:

This group has fuller bust and undefined waist line and smaller hips and leaner legs. Unambiguously, this is not the easiest shape to dress and almost all women who fall into this category will agree to this. And in an attempt to hide all the goodies you end up buying loose outfits that makes you look bulkier from all the wrong places. Since, you do not have a well-defined waist line, you need to invest in clothing that draws attention away from the middle section directing attention elsewhere. Don’t hesitate to flaunt your awesome legs.


This is the most common body shape. Women in this category have bust and hips basically of the same size and a slightly smaller waist. If you fall under this category, invest in clothes that will give you a curvier look. Making your waist appear a little more slimmer than your other parts giving you a curvier, sexier look.

The Hourglass:

Well, this is the type of body that every girl dreams for. But not everyone is blessed with such perfectly balanced curves with fats on all the right places. Women with this body type have fuller bust and hips with significantly smaller well defined waist line. This is the shape to flaunt. Dressing is not a hard work for such beauty. The Key here is to invest in clothing that would show off our sexy waist and beautiful curves.

So, next time before you hop from one shop to the other to choice the best apparel that will suit your body, we commend you go through this article once. Happy Shopping!!

Story: Mahi Arora


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