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Strips are all the rage for quite a while now. Almost all of us might have already included them in our collections. Starting from stripped pants, shirts to tops, the vendors have it all.

But do you know, you might be wearing the wrong kind of strip all this while? Strips are in vogue and it’s good to adhere to a trend. But blindly following a style could result in a big fashion disaster rather than making you a fashionista.

Strips are something that can actually make you appear short or tall, thin or fat. So knowing the right type is a must before diving in for the new look.

Vertical strips make you appear taller and slender. So if you are voluminous, vertical strips are what you should opt for. And the short dolls can make themselves appear a little taller by wearing vertical strips.

On the contrary, Horizontal strips should be the choice of the skinny as horizontal strips give (the illusion of) a little volume to your half-starved body.

People are seen wearing the wrong type of strips and if you happen to be one of them, it’s time for you to get the right one now.


Coming onto the next craze of the season, this takes us back to the 70’s, The Bell Sleeves and Bell Pants. Comfortable yet stylish

Do you find yourself in a state of quandary when you listen to the word ‘Bell Sleeves’? Well, do not worry when we are here to guide you.

Well, bell sleeve is similar to a butterfly sleeve. The only difference being that the butterfly sleeve has a loose flare that starts from the shoulder/ armhole (from where the sleeves are attached to the garment) and flows loosely till the bottom (the end of the sleeve) on the other hand bell sleeves are usually fitted from the shoulder till the elbow or a little below (depending upon what length we choose) and has a flared bottom giving the sleeve a bell shaped bottom and so is known as a bell sleeve.

We have noticed a beautiful mix of bell sleeve and cold shoulder sleeve. Bell sleeved tops are easy to style as it usually goes well with almost anything like shorts, pencil skirts, fitted jeans, etc., you can even try bell sleeved Kurtis.


Bold bright color blocks are also in trend. We have spotted many celebs going bold with the bright color block outfits. And this style is going to be the craze in the coming winters too, with pullovers, coats, and sweaters, etc., that have color blocks. All you need is the confidence and elegance to carry the style and you can WOW everyone with your fresh look.


It’s been quite a while that these ripped, worn out jeans entered the latest fashion trends.

Have it yet??

Well, of course, this is a casual wear and you can put them on any day.

If you are running out of funds and don’t want to spend much, the good thing is you can DIY and add the new look in your collection.

All you will need is scissors (to cut), tweezer (to pull off the threads), tailor chalk (to mark the area you want to cut) and old jeans (you certainly don’t wanna rip off your brand new jeans).


Shirt dress comes in all the length. But we love the knee length shirt dress paired with sneakers, a smart watch, a decent sling bag, high bun and you are ready to go. Simple and Sassy.

But not just this, you can experiment more with the look by adding belt, jackets, boots (long or short). Just try not to overdo anything or you end up ruining the look altogether. Simple and smart is the funda here.

Story: Mahi Arora

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