Want To Keep Your Hair Healthy And Strong? Try These Four Natural Remedies

Beautiful lustrous healthy hair is a crucial asset not only for women but for men as well.

Our markets are full of a range of products that claim to transform your dull frizzy hair to super glossy and shiny tresses. No doubt these chemical based products transform your hair in a jiffy but with their regular use we end up damaging our hair and which later results in hair loss.

After all the damage done due to pollution and harmful chemicals we later turn towards Ayurveda and nature to recuperate the injured hair.

1) Fuller earth powder (Multani Mitti) hair pack :

Multani mitti/ fuller earth clay powder have been for ages used as a magic pack for the skin. But do you know, it does wonder when applied to hair as a hair mask??

Multani mitti helps to get rid of split ends, soothes scalp, treats dandruff and absorbs excess oil from the scalp and with continue use, one can get long, silky straight hair.

To make the magic hair pack you will need

4-5 tbsp. full of Multani mitti.

3-4 tbsp. curd (unflavoured)

2tsp. honey


Take all the above ingredients in a bowl and make a fine paste and a little water if the mixture is too thick to apply (the mixture should not be too thick or too runny). Apply the pack from root to tip, wear a shower cap or cover with polybag and leave it on for 30-60mins. Wash with mild shampoo.
Use twice weekly to get straight silky hair.

2) Aloe Vera hair mask

Almost every home has an aloe Vera plant. Aloevera is used in many cosmetics, lotions, ointments etc. It is easily available, but if you do not have it at home you can get a ready-made gel easily available in cosmetic or medical stores but make sure you check the ingredients before you make the purchase. Usually products with 90-99% aloe Vera gel are preferred.

Aleovera is a natural conditioner and along with healing and soothing your scalp, it gives your hair a beautiful shine, silkiness and makes hair frizz free and easy to manage.

With continuous use, this pack will give you the type of hair you will get addicted to touch over and over again. The effects will show from the first use.

You will need:

Aloe Vera gel – 3-4Tbsp( amount depending upon the length and thickness of your hair)

Honey 3-4 Tbsp. (equal to the amount of aloevera gel)

2 tsp. coconut oil*

2tsp. Almond oil *

(you can use any hair oil of your choice)**


In a bowl, mix all the ingredients thoroughly and apply from roots till tips covering hair completely. It is easy to apply as it spreads easily. Leave it on for 30mins. Wash with the mild shampoo. No need to condition the hair.

3) Methi / Fenugreek hair mask

If you are facing hair fall issue and the density of your hair has gone down over the years, this is the hair pack for you.

This is not a magic and so to see the effects you will need to use it twice a week for minimum 1 month.
You will need

2 tsp Fenugreek seed (soaked overnight)

2 Tbsp. Curd ( Unflavoured)

Water ( according to need)


Drain the water off methi and keep the water aside. Grind the seeds in a grinder and make a fine paste adding a little water(in which the seeds were soaked) at a time. When the paste is ready, take it out in a bowl, add curd and mix well.(If the mixture is thick added more water but avoid making it runny).

Apply the mask from scalp to tips and cover your hair with the help of a shower cap and leave it for 1 hour.
Wash with mild shampoo.

4) Banana hair mask

Banana is known for maintaining the natural elasticity of hair, which is needed to prevent breakage and split ends.
Banana is rich in vitamins, calcium, potassium, carbohydrates and natural oils that help nourish dull and dry hair making hair shiny, healthy and frizz free.
It helps treat dandruff and hair fall.

You Will Need:

2-3 ripe bananas

2tbsp honey

2tsp any hair oil


Blend the bananas in a blender and make a fine lump-free paste. Add honey and oil and mix properly.
Apply to hair (root to tips) leave it for 30-60mins and wash with mild shampoo.




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