Bon Appétit! Eight Food Items You Must Try In Myanmar

Myanmar, also known as Burma is a country located in the southeastern region of Asia, sharing its borders with countries China, Thailand, India, etc. Myanmar is also sometimes known as the land of pagodas.

The country has a rich resource of precious and semi-precious gemstones.

Talking about the food, the Burmese cuisines are greatly influenced by China, Thai. There are lots of similarities between Burmese and Chinese food culture.

Today, we bring to you a glimpse of scrumptious food found in Myanmar.

The list of all the tasty dishes is quite huge so we have shortlisted some of the must-try food items for your next visit to the country.

MOHINGA (Burmese soupy noodles)

Mohinga is a very famous and delicious Burmese cuisine. Made up of rice noodles (the main ingredient of the dish) and fish sauce. Mohinga is also considered as the national dish of Myanmar by many. There is no fixed time to order the dish but it is usually taken in the breakfast time.
This mouthwatering dish is available almost all over the country and as street food too. Apart from the noodles and the fish sauce there are many more ingredients that are added to the dish like egg, banana stem, chickpea flour, spring onions, red chili flakes, crisp fried fritters that makes the cuisine super flavorful.

Mohinga can be eaten with its gravy mixed in it or you can order the gravy in a different bowl and have it like a soup. Both ways it tastes like heaven on earth.


Laphettowh is a type of a salad made of tea leaves as the name signifies where Laphet(pronounced laphe )means tea in Burmese. The salad has many ingredients like pea nuts, tomatoes, onion, garlic, roasted Lobia dal, sesame, green Chillies, Cabbage, Oil (usually peanut oil) and of course pickled tea leaves. This is one of its kind of a salad, tea leaves when tasted separately is slightly bitter in taste but it goes really well with all the ingredients mixed well.
If you find the salad good, you can buy many ready to make packets easily available in the stores of Myanmar and it can be prepared easily at home.

As a salad it goes well with rice meals, or you can have it as a snack anytime.

Thofu (made out of besan)

Thofu (pronounced Thobu) is a very well know cuisine in the whole of Myanmar. Thofu is made out of Besan, Turmeric, Salt, and Water and is cooked over low flame till thickens. Then, it is cut into squares and fried deep and served usually with sticky rice ( known as Kon-ji-moh in Burmese) or it can be had like pakoras in snack time. Another way is to make Salad out of the prepared Thobu known as Thobu tow.

Saan Khawsuey/Rice Noodles

Again, this is a mothering dish that you definitely need to try at least for ones in a lifetime. This dish may or may not be vegetarian, it totally depends on your order. But usually the true (Saan Khawsuey) has many ingredients that are prepared all separately and mixed per serving just before eating. Some of the main ingredients include: Rice noodles of course boiled (not over boiled), Tomato chutney (cooked with oil and made spicy with red chili powder and salt), roasted besan, peanuts (roasted and coarsely grinded), soya sauce, finely deep fried chicken (optional), Cabbage (finely chopped), coriander (finely chopped), lemon juice and a gravy (made with besan and fish sauce, can be had as a side dish/ soup or can be mixed in with the noodles.
This is a heavy, tummy filling cuisine and can be had as a complete meal. This is available almost all over Myanmar.

Moa Leh Saun

This is a sweet dish or we can say more of a drink loved by kids. It is made up of coconut Milk , Konjimoh (sticky rice), Palm sugar syrup. This is a very unique yummy dish served usually in a large glass. Again, this is also available throughout Myanmar. We suggest you not to miss this dish on your next visit to Myanmar and you will remember it life long.

Burmese Falooda

One of the very famous Falooda worldwide. It is colorful and appealing to eyes. It is different from the falooda we usually get in India.

Moh Leh Miah

Moh-Leh-Miah , as it is pronounced when translated it means the Hindi words Bodha-Budhi (Husband-Wife), not sure how and when the name came into being. It is a snack, a street food available almost everywhere in the country. Made of rice flour it is served with a tangy sauce. Goes well with tea.

Konji moh// sticky rice

Konji moh or sticky rice is something opted for breakfast. The rice is steamed in a classic bamboo streamer and is served with grated coconut or yellow steamed pea and sesame garnishing with achow (pakoras). The rice is available either in black or white color.And the black color is a natural color of this variety of rice.

Bamboo sticky rice is also available and it is the same sticky rice cooked in a hollow bamboo.

(The Burmese names mentioned of the dishes are as per the pronunciation and the spellings may vary as per the spellings used the people of Myanmar)**

Story: Mahi Arora

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