Arunachal CM Khandu Feels North East Of 2017 Is Much Different

Arunchal Pradesh Chief Minister Pema Khandu who was in Manipur to attend the North East Development Summit said that the region in 2017 is much different from what and written about it 2-3 decades ago.

“For those in the rest of India, the north-east is associated with ethnic conflict and insurgency. However, in the last one decade, much has changed in this region. An atmosphere of peace and tranquility has laid conducive conditions for economic development,” he said.

The North East Development Summit was inaugurated by President Ram nath Kovind who is in his three days visit to North East.

Pema Khandu during his speech also said that the region has today got enhanced access to modern education and decent healthcare facilities.

He further added that the region’s youths are globally connected through technology and extremely conscious of the changes across the world.

Khandu claimed that the Nehruvian policy of ‘Panchsheel’ had became a barrier for economic development,” the Chief Minister said: “The decades of 80s and the 90s saw tremendous development in the rest of the country. But sadly, for the northeast people, these were decades of opportunity lost.”

In an event organized at city’s City Convention Centre, Palace Compound Khandu welcomed investors in the region, particularly in Arunachal Pradesh, in hydroelectricity, social infrastructure, agro-processing, farming, and research and development, pharmaceutical and information technology.

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